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Server Monitoring « TruWatch

Server Monitoring

The DeeDoc TruWatch™ remote Server Monitoring watches over key parts of the Server that can cause the most problems, and alerts you to any issues so you can fix them fast, before they become big problems causing costly downtime. Whether your organizational size is small, medium, or large, DeeDoc Consulting will centralize the monitoring of all Servers on the DeeDoc TruWatch Dashboard, to provide a holistic view on all IT equipment and efficiently prioritize server maintenance.

Server Security

As an information security company, DeeDoc Consulting aims to secure servers, which are crucial to any organization. With the DeeDoc TruWatch, we safeguard the client’s business information from malicious attack by doing the following:

  • Ensuring that antivirus and antimalware software are up-to-date.
  • Checking that Server Backup runs successfully and helping ensure that data is safe
  • Monitoring Patch Management Status
  • Ensuring that critical updates are installed so that servers are protected against compromise
  • Sending the client alerts on any unauthorized login attempts as to prevent dictionary attacks on the network

Hardware and Disk

We will help the client Keep hardware costs to a minimum, and prevent costly downtime by:

  • Ensuring that the servers’ RAID disk subsystem is functioning 100% and replacing disks before valuable business data is lost
  • Keep on top of relevant hardware performance such as server fan speed, temperatures, SMART Status, as well as any devices such as Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS), Power Supplies, External Disks, and much more.